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The Chiavari Chair; to cover or not to cover? That is the question.

If you’re in the midst of planning your special day the chances are you’ve already discussed or even sat in a Chiavari chair. Renowned by many in the wedding and events industry for being lightweight yet incredibly elegant there is a reason these chairs are becoming increasingly popular this season.

Maybe you have opted not to cover these Italian creations; deciding instead to leave the framework exposed and use new and exciting sash designs. At Coverit Weddings!, we welcome this trend. Whether hanging multiple ribbons of varying textures and colours, a perfume bottle with a fragrant array of flowers or a combination of the two; the possibilities are truly endless.

That being said, even a Chiavari can be transformed with a Coverit Weddings! chair cover. We have many designs available to create that neutral, yet interesting backdrop that ensures all the attention remains on you saying those two important words…

“I do!”

If you have an idea, contact Coverit Weddings! We have an amazing selection of fabrics and are always ready and excited to create new and wonderful designs to welcome you down the aisle.

All flowers and table arrangements pictured above were lovingly designed and created by TJ @ TJ Designer Weddings. Please visit their website at for more examples of their stunning work.

All the best with your upcoming wedding...

Lots of love

Coverit Weddings! xx

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