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Cover the world in Tiffany Blue

Everyone has heard of Tiffany & Co and anyone who is anyone can recognise the iconic Tiffany blue at the drop of a sparkling diamond hat.

Coverit Weddings has worked seamlessly with TJ Designer Weddings to create the perfect setting to complement this classic theme for your special day.

Take a look at these stunning images and see how we can create your dream Breakfast at Tiffany’s!

Out of the blue, we see an elegant and luxurious scene. You have a choice of our luxury satin or the aqua blue organza sash. This is matched perfectly to the ribbon throughout the table pieces. We have hung white satin ceiling canopies, with matching satin curtains and cocktail covers.

The flower arrangements can be made in the colour of your choice. If you aren’t sure, the white petals and feathers are a timeless addition but a hint of colour, maybe some pink, would be just as beautiful.

Contact Coverit Weddings today on to discuss any of your wedding requirements.

Don't forget to visit for all your flower and table decoration needs!

All the best for your upcoming event,


Coverit Weddings!


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